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The Holmberg Family Tree

Welcome to the home pages of the Holmberg family family tree.
This is for the Snappertuna, Finland branch of the Holmberg family.
To be precise, the descendants of "Bonden Henric" i.e. Henric the Farmer, born 1657 in Snappertuna, Finland.
Most of the text is in Swedish and Finnish so you can use Google translate or contact the webmaster Pandy, for more details and research assistance. Enjoy!
Research by:
Astrid "Assi" Holmberg (1987)
Ulf Holmberg (1987-2002)
Britt Holmberg (2002 ->)
Andreas "Pandy" Holmberg (2002 ->)
Eivor Pettersson (2005 ->)